What is PWP?

  • A Philosophy...
    that anyone can learn to complete procedures without physical or mechanical restraint.
  • A Process...
    of using our Practice Model™ to prepare clients for medical, dental and personal care procedures.
  • A Place...
    where people can practice procedures in comfort and complete routine exams and treatment with professionals trained to help them succeed.
  • A Practice Specialty...
    with staff trained in PWP methods and where other professionals can receive PWP training
  • A Program...
    of training in PWP methods for professionals, caregivers and individuals with disabilities

Our Partners

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Our Mission

“To help people, especially those with disabilities, receive quality medical, dental and personal care with dignity and respect.”

Learn how Deborah Jastrebski’s mission to help her son, Marc,   led to the creation of Practice Without Pressure.
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Practice Model


    - Cleanings
    - Exams
    - X-Rays
    - Fillings
    - Root Canals
    - Extractions
    - Dentures
    - Pre-Surgery Support

Medical Care
    - Exams Blood draws
    - Pre-Surgery Support
    - Women’s Health
    - Bi-Pap Support
    - Blood Pressure Testing
    - EKG Preparation

Personal Services
    - Hair Care
    - Nail Care



PWP in the Community



Practice Without Pressure Corporate.
P.O. Box 829
Bear, DE 19701

Main: (302) 419-8131
Fax: (302) 836-3126