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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

Kellie Moyer - You’ve changed her life,” says her mom, Jan Capano:

Kellie Moyer is 48 and loves Dancing With the Stars, The Voice and people watching on the Boardwalk.  She lives in a Mosaic group home in Smyrna, Delaware.  Kellie, who has cerebral palsy and cognitive challenges, has been coming to Practice Without Pressure for dental care for several years – with impressive results.

“You’ve changed her life,” said her mom, Jan Capano. “It’s incredible. It’s an incredible enhancement to her quality of life and her basic needs in that she allows us now to brush her teeth.

“When she first started with PWP,” Jan said, “she would not open her mouth.   It took many, many sessions and a long time, but with the time PWP has put in with her, she allows us to brush her teeth, to use the gum stimulator (to remove plaque at the gum line) and most importantly, to have her teeth cleaned without sedation.”

PWP’s Oral Health in the Home training helped bring the lessons home.  “This training made a big difference for staff where she lives,” Capano said.  “Usually, managers would bring her to PWP and I would be there too, so we learned alongside her about tooth brushing and flossing techniques.  But when the house staff received the Oral Health in the Home training, they learned the skills needed to complete dental care with Kellie more easily.”

“Teeth are absolutely important to the overall health of your body,” Jan said. “Kellie let us brush her teeth with a spin brush.  Sometimes we turn it on and she just opens her mouth.  I can’t say enough about PWP.”


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