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Personal Care - Personal Care Testimonials

David Birney, who is blind, accepts nail care because PWP showed him how:




“Our son David was born blind and retarded.  David distrusted everyone and would flight grooming and medical procedures.  When we took him to Stockley for respite or to the doctor, it wasn’t possible to get his weight, blood pressure, dental checkups, etc., and it has taken as many as seven people to try to examine him or sedate him.  We had tried many times to clip his nails.  He was so protective of his hands that even when he had Benadryl and appeared to be asleep, he wouldn’t let us near his nails.  His nails were cut when he was sedated for dental work.  As a result of his disruptive behavior and long nails, many of those who tried to work with him got scratched, bruised, glasses broken, etc.  We wanted to find a way to work with him and do medical and grooming procedures without sedation.  The Director of Nursing at Stockley arranged for us to receive help from Practice Without Pressure.  After just a few sessions, David began to cooperate by letting us touch, soak and file his nails.


"We believe that applying the principles developed by the Practice Without Pressure program would be beneficial not only for disabled people but young children and others.  We greatly appreciate the help we have received from Practice Without Pressure and feel that following through with the procedures will help us in taking care of David.”


Parents of David Birney



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