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Dental Care - Dental Care Testimonial

LaKeyda Brooks made a 180-degree turnaround at PWP:


LaKeyda Brooks, age 34, grew up with a fear of dentists that made each visit "a nightmare," said her father, Robert Brooks. "Our experience was not what you would want to see happen."

LaKeyda, who is non-verbal, would be restrained in a papoose board and held down by two to three people including him for dental care.

"It was a wrestling match through it all," he recalled.  "She would just scream and holler."

As she grew up, "there was nobody that would take the time to work with us or LaKeyda to get past the fear," Robert said. "Theirt attitude was 'If she's not going to sit in the chair, go."

At PWP, Robert said, "It was a whole different situation.  Everybody was willing to work with Keyda.  They were very patient and explained the process. It was a whole different atmosphere altogether."

As a result, she's made "a 180-degree turnaround," he said. After just four practice sessions, she recently completed a dental cleaning at PWP's Practice & Procedure Center - the first time ever without restraints.

"The folks here are a Godsend. We are quite happy," he said.

This article first appeared in 2010.


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