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Personal Care - Personal Care Testimonials

John Campbell - Learn from his mom why she calls PWP "life changing.":


"John had to be held down for haircuts from the age of two. We tried a couple of times at the barber, but not too often. It was not pretty. After that, we would do it at home. It would take two of us to cut his hair. Usually, I would hold his arms down to his side, or sit him on my lap, wrap my legs around his legs, wrap my arms around his arms. Phillip would hold his head and use clippers. It would take more than an hour with a lot of sweating and crying. When he got older, we would wrap him in a blanket. I would lie on top of him and Phillip would shave one side of his head and then we do the other side the same way. It got harder and harder. Then no reinforcer was strong enough for him to stay still. That’s when we called PWP.

"After about 18 sessions with PWP, John let their hair stylist, Patti McMinn, cut his hair. It took awhile with breaks and reinforcers, but he completed his first haircut without being held down or restrained in any way.

"For Phillip and I, there are no words to express the emotions involved in this accomplishment and the hope that it brings. For John, it is life changing. Now, I cut his hair with no problems while he sits in front of the computer. When the PWP Center opens, I will take him there."

Irene and Philip Campbell

Wilmington, DE

John, age 9

moderately autistic, profound global language delay

Note:  This testimony provided in 2009.



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